Slavery Was A Constitutional Right Essay

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One area that the South believed that they were in the absolute right was the matter of slavery. Slavery was a local economic and internal matter having nothing to do with the northern states or the federal government. If another state wanted to abolish slavery, that was their right; however, it was the right of other states to keep slavery. The South was actually on a firm foundation in this matter because slavery was protected within the cherished U.S. Constitution in various articles dealing with slavery. In essence, slavery was a constitutional right. For example, the Constitution allowed the individual states to continue in the African slave trade until 1808. In other words, the most cherished of all American documents guaranteeing the rights and freedom for its citizens authorized the states to deal in the buying and selling of human beings as slaves that were kidnapped from their villages in Africa. Furthermore, the Constitution allowed the slaves to be counted as three-fifths of a person in determining the number of representatives to serve in Congress. Originally, the southern states wanted to count the slave population in order to fix the number of representatives in Congress. This Enumeration Clause was the compromise with the northern states in order to limit the power of the South. And lastly, the Constitution required that escaped slaves who made it into Free states be apprehended and returned to their former masters. This would later be…

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