Social And Political Environment During Nineteenth Century England From The Perspective And Hindsight

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The social and political environment in nineteenth century England from the perspective and hindsight of modern norms and policies looks grim and indentured. Criticising a culture from hindsight may seem redundant, but in the words of Edmund Burke “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”. Looking at a former culture, comparing and contrasting it with current views is important for moving forward socially and politically as well as understanding where current societal norms derive from. Jane Eyre is possibly one of the most important books from this time period illustrating the social inequity in every society modern and bygone. Jane Eyre takes place in an extremely class conscious society, where everyone is aware of their place and is harsh to those lower than them and subservient to those higher than them. Jane herself isn’t even immune to this class prejudice “ I was weakly dismayed at the ignorance, the poverty, the coarseness, of all I heard and saw round me.” (Bronte 416) though the character is overall sympathetic to the lower classes and is against the class system throughout the majority of the novel. This temporary lapse in morals shows just how deep seeded the class consciousness of this society goes. It makes sense, though given Jane’s upbringing by the harsh Mrs.Reed, a wealthy woman whose husband took in the orphaned Jane and after his death Mrs.Reed began to resent Jane. The Reeds taught Jane that poor people were immoral “Poverty looks grim to…

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