Essay on Social And Political Views On Psychology

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Benjamin Harris (1986), examines social issues in psychology for the 50th year of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). The purpose is to help in national emergencies and conditions of social disruption provide special incentive to invent new techniques, and to strike out boldly for solutions to practical social problems. The SPPSI had an interest in political issue.
The impact of major political and social events really influences on SPSSI 's members, and their organizational methods (Harris, 1986). There were leaders that hoped to build social psychology into a positivist science for use in judgment of political views and determining the direction for social change. SPSSI members held both radical and conservative views over the issues of social class and the process of political change. The Second World War brought changes to SPSSI through its members ' experience as researchers and administrators for the military and the federal government. Reforms in the SPPSSI in the ideology of social science, dominated the United States political and social thought, and that gave SPSSI its qualities of radicalism and conservatism, activism and scientism, populism and elitism. Through press releases, books, and journal articles, SPSSI brought social issues into the purview of psychological theory and research methodology.
Harris (1986) mentions how SPSSI was created for both professional and sociopolitical motives during the Second World War. Stanger, a…

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