Essay on Social And Social Organization Of The United Nations

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number (ID) of taxes if they have no Social Security number, but not may receive some of the benefits that have taxpaying citizens such as Insurance Social and other tax credits. Immigrants from more than 18 who have accumulated more than 180 days of unlawful presence and then leave the US can receive an impediment to return to the country for three years (Lee & Liechty, 2014). Those which have accumulated more than one year may face a impediment ten years. The undocumented children who are placed in care guardianship (foster care) are eligible for residency permanent ("green card") if requested before 21 years. The foster care agency must apply in name of child. The parents who are undocumented accused of child abuse are at risk of being deported (Harker, 2001).

General Benefits

Immigration benefits the country, the source and destination, shared by World Economic and Social Organization of the United Nations (UN) study this year. However, despite these positive aspects, such as economic development, the flow of people to other states - in 2000, about 175 million people lived outside their country of birth, also raises some difficulties, as the "brain drain" For example, the average emigrant coming out of Latin America or Asia has more than doubled of education than those who are fears that the new country coming to steal jobs or lower wages do not pass it even fears the report -which was prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs - says that there…

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