Social Anxiety And Social Depression Essay

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This world is run on social interactions, so when you are terrified of interacting with other people it can affect your life in a big way. Statistics report that about 15 million people in the United States have social anxiety disorder, which means worldwide that number has got to be multiplied. This issue can start at the young age of 13, and most people don 't get help for their social anxiety until 10 years or more of living with it because it feels like something that has taken over their life and cannot be fixed.

I have known many people with social anxiety, and they were incapable of getting the results out of their life that they wanted simply because they would not go after what they wanted. One of my close friends was always worried that she was going to embarrass herself in social situations and that made her interactions with other people extremely awkward. It was hard to get her to go out of the house and do things with other people, and she would shake, stutter, and turn red every time she had to talk or interact, which nailed in her fear of going out even more.

The fear and self-consciousness of social anxiety can be mild or severe, but it is always upsetting in the moment and affects the rest of your day negatively as you think about the interaction and what you said, did, or didn 't do.

Just Face The Anxiety?

This is one of those disorders where you can 't just face your fears by throwing yourself into the pit over and over again. Going out and…

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