Social Anxiety And Social Norms Essay

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In the article, “Social Anxiety and Social Norms in Individualistic and Collectivistic Countries” by Sina­Simone S., Nina H., Lynn A., Ronald M. R., Stefan G. H., Junwen C., Kyng J., and Susan B. (2010), one study was conducted, and it examined two theories. The first theory correlated whether or not social development is connected to individualistic or collectivist cultures. The second theory compared and contrast individualism and collectivism and how it affects social norms within the United States. They hypothesized that a) collectivist countries use strict social norms to ensure group harmony within the society; however, they instill fear by evoking social anxiety when a norm is violated, and b) higher self­reports of social anxiety may reflect a response style related to collectivist values and low independent self­esteem rather than a genuine difference in social anxiety (Schreier et al. 2010).
The study included 142 college students from Boston University, who were given a questionnaire to complete at home and return anonymously to the university. All the answers were completed anonymously, and was measured on two scales: a social interaction anxiety scale (SIAS), and a reaction to social behavior questionnaire­revised (RSBQ­R). The SIAS consisted of 20 items that reflected anxiety in social interaction situations with participants indicating to what degree the statement describes themselves as on a 5­point scale (“not at all” to “extremely”). The RSBQ­R included 17…

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