Social Class : Critical Analysis Essay

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Social Class: Critical Analysis/Evaluation A critical analysis of social class would be to explain social class in each and every critical aspect. Evaluating each aspect would be to consider everything such as, each level of social class and completely breaking it down. Social class breaks down into three different classes, upper, middle, and lower, each comprised of different people, income levels, and lifestyles. When evaluating each of these levels you continue to break them apart; piece by piece. The upper class is composed of CEO’s, top business executives, politicians, venture capitalists, and those born into high society. The middle class is the working class, which is the largest class of all three, it is comprised of normal day to day workers whether they work in a cubicle crunching numbers all day or own a small business that they can easily get by on. The last class is the lower class which is comprised of people that do not have a job, have one job, or maybe two because they have a family to provide for living check to check. After the social classes are broken down into who are apart of each class, it breaks down to their income levels. In upper class, their income can ranges from one hundred fifty thousand and up. When referring to income levels, the middle class is split into three different parts and the last part of the middle class is split into another two separate parts. The middle class is now broken down into upper middle class, middle middle class,…

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