Essay on Social Cognition And Social Perception

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People from all over the world form social cognitions differently. Social cognition can generally defined as the comprehensive mental process of social interactions and perceptions of not just the other people, but that self as well. The perception of emotions and dispositional characteristics of people would be forming a social cognitional process. When the social cognition skills of an individual are considered impoverish, this can be an indicator of many things. Poor Social cognition and social skills are liked to disabilities, brain injuries, autism, and schizophrenia, any kind of social relationship and self-esteem has been found to also be affected. Assessment of individuals with lesser skilled social cognitions would be of clinical interest for indication of an intervention. With the purpose to improve social behavior, the quality of life also progresses. One of many components for assessment of the social cognitive abilites is known as social perception. Social perception is the ability to comprehend and act on verbal and nonverbal messages or cues. An example of a verbal cue would be intonation, which does alter the meaning of the following message. As for the understanding of facial expressions and gestures, they would be an example of the nonverbal message and cues.
An assessment of social competence can be done on individuals who have or for when determining traumatic brain injury (TBI), autism, learning disabilities, schizophrenia, Aspergers Syndrome, and…

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