Social Criticism And Superficiality : Mrs. Dalloway Essay

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Social Criticism and Superficiality: Mrs. Dalloway Following the first World War, Great Britain suffered from many political, economic, and social issues. While the nation may have exited the war with a military triumph, the celebration did not last long. There were many loved ones lost in battle, which covered the country in a dew of sadness. Although the nation had been changed by this huge event, many aspects of life went back to normal when the soldiers returned home. These events and feelings resonate within Virginia Woolf 's novel, Mrs. Dalloway. Although the protagonist, Clarissa Dalloway, is a member of the upper class, she struggles with the oppression of English society. This criticism from society can best be seen when analyzing Clarissa’s marriage, Miss Kilman’s social status, and Sally’s free will. While each situation and character differs greatly, the underlying themes lineup and combine to show how harsh England’s society was after the Great War. Richard and Clarissa Dalloway appear to have a normal and happy marriage to all that may observe; however, under it all, their relationship is severely lacking and empty. Richard wants tranquility, thus influencing him to let Clarissa rule his life and demand things of him behind the scenes. He is scared of making their relationship too personal and too intense, so he avoids romance and the phrase, “I love you”. Not only is Richard scared of putting more into his relationship with Clarissa, he seems to be…

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