Social Factors Affecting Health And Disease Essay

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Society plays a large role in affecting health outcomes and these outcomes vary dependent upon socioeconomic status. With social factors such as education and income negatively affecting the less fortunate and social classes creating borders within health care, good health tends to be enjoyed by the affluent members of society. Overall, one could argue that a societal approach, rather an individualist approach, is the most effective way to confront the issues at hand.
Social factors largely impact health and disease and can wreak poor health amongst the population of the lower socioeconomic status. Education is ranked as one of the leading social factor in predicting health outcomes (Cockerham, 2012). Higher education generally leads to jobs that entail control, higher personal satisfaction, and higher pay, allowing for an overall better quality of life compared to those who are less fortunate. For those who are less prosperous, control over one’s life is essentially non-existent, personal satisfaction is not even conceivable, and either living paycheck to paycheck or piling up debt each month is the way of life. Differences in housing attributes to health risks as well. While the wealthy live in affluent neighborhoods and homes, the poor reside in areas riddled with crime and unfit living conditions. The poor also generally have a greater exposure to biological health hazards at home or at work. The abominable quality of life experienced by those who are not…

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