Social Interactions : A Social Theory Of Social Interactionism

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Social interactions in Marriage As humans, our actions are based on the language, thoughts, and meanings we apply to someone or something. These things, otherwise known as symbols, are described individually by how we choose to interpret them. The topic I have chosen to write about is marriage, and how the theory of social interactionism, also referred to as symbolic interactionalism, as well as ethnomethodology and dramaturgy, have an affect on the meaning of marriage. Symbolic interactionism is a social theory which focuses on communication, interpretation, and adjustment between individuals in relation to the meanings of symbols. Role taking and playing is a key aspect in society that social interactionism focuses on. Perspective and understanding the significance of a particular action a person does is evident through role-taking. Our social identity is not a set thing that is created by the person. As you exhibit an identity people treat you like that, you respond to the way people treat you by acting the way you are treated. These actions are taught to us at a young age and shapes us as we grow up. Dramaturgy is related to this because it is the impression given to others by the presentation of one’s self. How you talk, dress, and present yourself gives others a preconceived idea on who you are and how you are involved in society. Ethnomethodology is a characteristic of symbolic interactionism, it examines and explains people 's interactions that can give the…

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