Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On Social Society

1273 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
The value of status honor in this still rather new and somewhat nebulous community built on social media is the fact that people have used social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, to "boost" up their social status and used these easy route to successes even though they weren 't born with a high social class. But still gain the status through the use of the social media according to through their actions to gain popularity or be "known" to the users who uses social media. Status honor plays a role, for example, people on YouTube form a group in order to help each other, they become "Youtubers" and help each other out, and make the audience know everyone in the YouTube World.
This new method of gaining social status through social media has become very popular among teenagers who are willing to gain social status and make money off it. For example, the video of PBS Frontline 's Generation Like has shown the way teenagers are using social media to not only show the public or audience about the things they like but while they are doing this they are also "earning" money. It is very surprising that, people on social media can make money off it, just by simply posting things and hopefully gain the audience.
In the video PBS Frontline 's Generation Like it also talks about how people are able to gain money by putting videos on YouTube and on Facebook depending on the "Likes" they receive, sometimes the "Likes" they receive makes them want more to the point that if…

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