Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1641 Words Jul 30th, 2015 7 Pages
Over the last ten years, social media have developed dramatically. They play an important role in many different aspects of human life. Social media are defined as “a collection of online platforms and tools that people use to share contents, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, facilitation conversations and interactions online between groups of people” (Heidi Cohen). With the invention of social networking, people have an opportunity to interact with other people by exchanging pictures, videos, and instant messages at an utterly astonishing rate. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…are some of many popular social network websites that are available for everybody. They use the Internet to attract billions of people and turn them into users. Social media have a significant impact in the lives of people in both positive and negative ways. While social media help to connect people around the world as well as create opportunities for respective careers, it can lead people to mentally and physically addict to online social networks, which might cause insecurity, anxiety, and depression. Researchers at Union College claimed that “Over half of people who regularly use social networking negatively compare themselves to others and have trouble being able to disconnect and relax; this causing problems in their relationships and jobs” (Torevell). Social media can cause people’s behaviors change negatively. Even though the main purpose of social…

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