Social Media And Social Networking Essay

1088 Words Jun 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Social networking is rapidly expanding and has become exceedingly popular over the past decade. The introduction of the Web 2.0 caused a revolution in social networking, with the use of social networking sites (SNSs) becoming an everyday practice in today’s Western society. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have prompted debates regarding the consequences these sites have for their users and whether these consequences are positive or negative (Chan & Saqib, 2015). Social networks are defined as member-based websites and applications that allow users to communicate with others or find others who share similar interests to their own (lecture 2). The popularity of these sites stems from their ease of use and the way they allow users to interact and connect with others transcending time and distance limitations. Users are able share their experiences, opinions and ideas with those who have similar viewpoints, as well as allowing users to be aware and informed about worldwide news and events. The use of social networking has almost become a requirement in 21st century life, as people are expected to adapt and use new technologies. This is especially seen within workplaces and companies as SNSs create opportunities for communication and collaboration between workers, customers and stakeholders that is easily achieved. However, social networking poses a number of risks as the addictive nature and public availability of such sites exposes individuals to…

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