Essay about Social Media And Social Networking

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74% of people in today 's world uses some kind of social media. Whether it is facebook, or instagram, or even just the internet, people all around the world are using some type of social networking. Everyone knows about the conspiracy between if our social media is really private or if someone can see everything we do. As you are going to see in my paper, there are many benefits to the social networking privacy, but there are also many risks involved. There is no guardian angel out there looking over you and helping you and telling you don’t post that because you can be in danger, you have to protect yourself (Social Networking Fact Sheet).
We might all get frustrated with technology and media sometimes, but there are so many advantages of social media. Some of the benefits are keeping in touch with family, professional networking, staying up to date with the world, and information. Today’s world is so much different than back in the day because for one, your whole family is not around you twenty four seven. Families have spread across the entire world, the only way you can talk to them or even sometimes see them is through social networking. You can talk through facebook, email, and now you can even see them through video chat. Professional networking is also another way that social networking has made a huge positive effect on our lives. People who own their own businesses have to do so much more work to get their name out in the world and to find clients. They…

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