Essay on Social Media As A Fighting Tool

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Social media has also gotten popular with law enforcement. Law enforcement sees social media as a fighting tool in crime. Hendricks (2014) stated that in 2013 about 772 police departments had an active social media account. Social media allows officials to look at suspects or victims information they are sharing to the public such as pictures or videos that could help them solve a case.
Media such as Facebook and Twitter has helped with giving out information quickly for a Amber Alert. “According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, social media has helped to resolve and recover 98.5 percent of AMBER alerts since 2005” (Hendricks, 2015, para. 7). For example, there was Melvin Colon a man who was being charge with murder and weapons and narcotics in 2012 (Kelly, 2012). On Facebook he put pictures up that showed he was part of a gang and he also made posts that talked about criminal acts that were committed. Also one of this friends on Facebook gave police access to Colon’s private information (Kelly, 2012). When this case went to court the federal judge ruled that the man had lost his right to privacy once he shared this information to friends because it had now become public. Now people on his Facebook page could use the information he shared anyway they see fit.
Officials are using this way as a new way to obtain evidence to solve crimes. They can also ask to obtain private data with a warrant. Kelly (2012) stated,
According to a recent survey of…

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