Essay on Social Networking On The Masses

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Social Networks Preying On the Masses Social networking has become a hot topic in our country and even worldwide as of late. Regardless of the entertainment aspect of social networks it’s a fact that these websites are causing a sort of change in our culture. A type of change that is reshaping every aspect of how we communicate and conduct ourselves in everyday life. We have opened ourselves up to a whole new array of problems due to our overexposure to social networking in our culture. Unfortunately social networking is not helping our society progress; instead it’s causing our social relationships to break down along with various other negative side effects. Even though social networking have many benefits, the fact is the negative effects outweigh its benefits. In the digital age it’s almost impossible to not be pulled in by social networking. The culture has shifted so much that social networking is an integral part of our everyday lives. The popularity of these networks have changed the landscape of the internet. Curran states that “In the last 10-15 years, use of social networking sites has exploded in the United States and globally” (23). There are more than a billion plus people on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so it’s no wonder why these sites have taken over our lives. And I mean that quite literally, people today are virtually obsessed. Users of these sites are running their pages and blogs like they are a business: it seems there’s a new sense of unearned…

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