Social Networking : The Lack Of Social Interaction Essay

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Social Networking: The lack of Social Interaction

One of the humans’ needs in life is communication. We communicate between us in order to deliver a message, such as express our feelings and our ideas. The early Neanderthal used drawing as a way of interacting with each other. Back 6000 years age, the Sumarine created the first graphic form communication (writing) which helped us to Record information, in order to pass it from generation to the other. In the modern ear which we are live in now. It is extremal fast and frustrated. It is biased on how to save time, in addition, to come up with the highest level of production. We have created a way for communication which we called the “social networking”. We created social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. We have used them for many communication purposes, like chatting with friends, posting pictures of our daily lives and so forth. Social media has impacted us enormously, however, It can have Harmful and beneficial sides. Social media can lead to isolation. Being isolated one of the prime concerns of the greater capacity of the people, especially among the youth. According to the article, written by Tom Meltzer, Social Networking: Failure to Connect state, “21% of young people aged 18-24 identified loneliness as one of their major concerns.” Also, he noted, “Nearly a third of young people said they spent too much time communicating online and not enough in person.” As a reaction of the…

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