Social Patterns Of Psycho Social Pattern Essay

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Psycho-Social Pattern FRP has been diagnosed with post-traumatic seizures and is currently taking Keppra, Lyrica, and Baclofen to control the seizures.
Mental Status FRP is alert and oriented to person, place and time. He is not comatose or stupurous, but at times seemed slightly confused when recalling past events. When speaking with him his speech is delayed and he speaks slowly. FRP has a good attention span and was able to follow a three-stage command when asked to raise his bed, put on his glasses and turn his light on so we could conversate. He demonstrated good short-term memory by telling me what day of the week it was. FRP also demonstrated good long-term memory by recalling where he was born.
Emotional Status FRP was very pleasant, cheerful and always cooperative with me. He is hypo-active, spending most of the day in bed other than getting up to have lunch in the main dining room. He stated sometimes he is very sad that he can no longer help people and that he cannot walk the way he did before. He also stated he always tries to make the best of situations and is very happy to be alive. When I spoke with his CNA she stated FRP was very different when the student nurses were helping. She said when student nurses are not at the facility, FRP can be very snappy with the staff and at times refuses care. His nurse also stated similar views, including that his mood swings have caused him to be disconnected from the residents at times.

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