Social Policy Essay

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Social Policy – actions that are taken by the government to maintain and improve the welfare of its citizens .

The Black Report * For example, this report, carried out in 1980 on class inequalities in health made 37 far-reaching policy recommendations for reducing inequalities * These included free school meals for all children, improved working conditions, better benefits for the disabled and more spending on housing * The Labour government had originally commissioned the report in 1977 but it was only completed in 1980, the year after Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative government came to power * The new government refused to implement the reports recommendations on grounds
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Because of their view that true equality will come when there is no ruling class, their views on social policies have been branded unrealistic and unachievable in modern day societies. * Marxist Feminists believe that all social policies benefit the ruling class, but more specifically the males of the ruling (or any) social class. They have been accused, like the Marxists, of being highly biased, as they believe that all policies in some way benefit men over women * Marxist feminist - Other than policies such as the Equal Pay Acts, they are against policies, stating that they would rather remain objective, becoming subjective when there was a chance to remove patriarchy from society.

RADICAL FEMINIST * Radial Feminists believe that social policies are all patriarchal and that patriarchy is the base of society

TO CRITICIZE - the Radical Feminists have been criticised for being too bias against policies and that their views on social change via policies are unachievable (much like the criticism of the Marxists).


* Radical, Marxist and Socialist feminists argue that the current system is actually based on the exploitation of women; it is patriarchal,and only by dismantling the entire system will women achieve any form of liberation. * They therefore criticise liberal feminists for their close ties with government. * Indeed,

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