Social Psychology : A Fundamental Human Experience Essay

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It is a fundamental human experience to long for interpersonal intimacy. Longing for interpersonal intimacy stays with all of us throughout life, starting from infancy (Fromm-Reichmann, 1959). Human phenomena evolve around interaction with others. People are influenced by the real or imagined interpersonal relationship and how others respond to them. Their motivation for seeking a connection with other is an important theme in social psychology (Leary, 2010). Maria makes efforts to maintain a sense of connection with others. Her behaviors and choices are greatly influenced by her need to belong and maintain interpersonal intimacy. When her daughter was removed from her care, she remained in the marriage. Her choice to stay with someone who hurt her and her daughter seems to reflect intensity of her need for intimacy and connection.
Maria struggles with her daughter’s report of molestation by her husband. It appears that Maria has had difficulty with fully comprehending the situation. A cognitive pattern that leads individuals to deviate from a rational judgment is called cognitive bias (Galotti, 2013). Comprehension of ourselves and the environment we find ourselves in are products of our cognitive inputs and unconsciousness. The manner in which humans experience the world is different from the raw input information (Baars, 1997). The way the brain fills the gaps between the inputs suggests how we experience the world is greatly influenced by our individual past and present…

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