Essay on Social Psychology, Group, And Group Groups

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Individuals make decisions on a daily basis, and many are made individually or in a group setting. Also, some group decision is relatively insignificant; however, other decision made can serve a highly crucial function. Hence, group influence is an interesting and fundamental area of study in social psychology. It involves a broad range of a challenging phenomenon regarding the influence of the group an individual belongs to or the individual impact on then group members. An important activity that occurs within a group setting is decision-making, the challenges involved in representing group behavior and the complexity of decision-making domain. In social psychology, group polarization refers to the phenomenon essential in a group situation where group members make decisions that are relatively extreme compared to an initial inclination of each group member (). This phenomenon is established after participating in a group decision-making process, and members tend to support extreme positions and advocate for an ambiguous course of action than people who did not participate in such group discussion (). Also, group polarization is crucial in understanding group behavior in different real-life circumstances.
However, Irving Janis (1978) proposed the groupthink theory after careful examination of several shocking bad group decisions. According to Irvin (), groupthink transpires when the members of a group are determined to reach an agreement regarding a decision that they…

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