Social Psychology On The Influence Of Racial Identity Essay

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Social Psychology on the Influence of Racial Identity
Compelling research from studies and scholars have pronounced the understanding of social psychology in effects to absorbing a racial identity observed by individuals. Social psychology is the study of social interactions between individuals. These interactions play a role in defining what it means to have a racial identity, or in other words, a sense of group based on one’s perception that he or she shares a common ancestry with a certain group. Understanding where the basis of an individual’s identity creates an intelligent acceptance and interpretation to who someone is. A factor that intertwines itself into the topic of discussion is the interactions that cause a person to get an idea of their sense of self. Communication between people creates a natural in-group and out-group bias towards one another. Evolutionary factors play a key role in social psychology, and are one of the main points towards developing a sense of racial acknowledgement. Social psychology influences how an individual perceives racial identity.
One of the main points of understanding the influences of social psychology is to take a look at evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary perspectives on social psychology, work by Justin Park and Florian Leeuwen, researchers dealing with psychology, explain, “… individuals, at their core, are beings that those whom are best adapted for their environment, with the extinction of others, will pass along their…

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