Essay on Social Psychology

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Tips for parents of teens with social psychology During teenage years, children go through a lot of physical and psychological changes. These changes stimulate teens to wonder about themselves. Teens frequently think about themselves and unconsciously establish their self concepts. Self concept consists of one’s belief about all his or her character or traits (lecture, 1/12/2011). There are several social psychological tips for the parents to help their teens to develop the right self concepts by identifying themselves and enhancing self-esteem. In building self concept, children try to get the information about their selves by introspection. In this time, parents need to guide them to right information because the wrong information …show more content…
So it interrupts teens to identify what they are interested in. Not only identifying but also enhancing self esteem is important in developing the self. Self esteem means person evaluates negatively or positively by themselves. If people had lower self esteem, they are afraid of meeting people and thought that others don’t like them. Self esteem is important because humans are social creature so parents need encourage their children to enhance self esteem (lecture, 1/12/2012). Parents can enhance their kid’s self esteem by encouraging them to volunteer activities for orphans or homeless. This experience will have positive effect on evaluating themselves by watching the poor or weaker people. This is called downward social comparison which means that people feels better when they watch the others who are worse than themselves (lecture, 1/12/2012). If teen had lower self esteem because of her unsatisfied appearance, she could enhance her self esteem by meeting someone who cannot walk at all. Also, parents could help children to increase their self esteem by having them enrolled at the well-known high schools. Even though this school is more expensive, the number of candidates is increasing because which schools children are studying could affect their self esteem. According to the concept of Basking in Reflected Glory, if person is

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