Essay about Social Responsibility : A Complex Idea

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Social responsibility, a complex idea that only two words can describe; social, meaning public, and responsibility the word that instantly adds weight to any adult’s shoulders. Social responsibility can be a very heavy load to bear for anyone, especially those who work in the business world. Not only do they have to worry about finances of the company they work for but, also the well-being of their worker 's, and how all of that affects the area around them. The families that keep their business running, their customers, even the effects of those who maybe don 't use their product. I have been ask to evaluate, given the provided scenario, whether a company 's actions are socially responsible or not, and why I 'm inclined to believe this way. Company Q, a small local grocery chain had, at the request of their customers, added some higher margin items to their shelves. After continually losing money, the chain had to close a couple stores who were in a higher crime rate areas. When ask about donating day old items to the neighborhood food bank, they declined for fear of employee theft or fraud. Overall, I believe these decisions that were made, were in fact socially responsible in their own respects. Each had a very valid reason for the solution that was presented for the need. To keep their customer 's the company choose to add higher margin items, that if not sold could lead to a financial loss for the company. The items were more health conscious, meaning the company wasn…

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