Essay about Social Responsibility And Sustainability : Pictures For Paws

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Pictures for Paws prides itself on being community minded and people-oriented. Being in the pet business, we want to ensure that owners have the very best education on how to properly care for their pets. We are fully committed to making a positive impact on our community, maintaining positive corporate citizenship, and creating a socially responsible business.

Social Responsibility Goals

The following list includes our three main social responsibility goals.

1. Creating and maintaining a positive, pet and people friendly business that focuses on addressing the needs of our customers, their pets and our community
2. Maintaining a system of full disclosure and transparency regarding our business practices and rules
3. Educating our community on proper per care and spay/neuter practices

In order to stay true to these commitments, we have established a company philosophy based on our social responsibility goals.

Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is created from the following values and commitments:

⎯ We will as a company be responsible for all of our personal and business practices
⎯ We will as a company focus on treating our customers and employees with consideration and respect
⎯ We will as a company a provide safe, sanitary studio that is always comfortable and secure
⎯ We will as a company remain committed to quality in our behavior, business practices, and products
⎯ We will as a company commit to staying up to date…

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