Social Responsibility Essay

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Classical Theories of Morality and Application
In this paper we will review the three classical theories of mortality and interpret what the meaning, as well as make connections to my own culture. The purpose of this paper is to review theoretical perspectives and assess how they impact ones culture.
Nicomachean Ethics
In Aristotle’s theory of morality, Nicomachean Ethics, he surmises that all human activities aim at some end or good. There are three types of good, sensual (pleasure), political (noble virtues for citizens), of life of thought (contemplation) (Arthur & Scalet, 2009, p. 51). He states “every scientific inquiry, and similarly every action and purpose may be said to aim at some good”. What he is saying is that
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Moral virtues may prompt us to behave correctly; you must have the right intellectual values to reason correctly about appropriate behavior.
I feel I connect to this theory in many ways. I have a desire to be nice, I like quotes and I have a wooden sign which ready. “because nice matters”. I feel this is very true and I do strive to do good things, such as lending a helping hand, opening doors for others, being polite, and giving back to the community via volunteering or financial donations. That being said, I do get upset or angry, I am human and doo occasionally share my frustrations in a less than appropriate manner. I believe the weakness of this theory is we are not always on the balance point of the pendulum, yet we waver and should strive for that balance point, yet just because we aim for the supreme good, we are not always able to obtain it. During the period of attainment, there may be fluctuations in behavior, even though we know right from wrong.
Fundamentals Principles of the Metaphysic Morals
In Kant’s Fundamentals of Metaphysic Morals, he argues “that duty is solely based on reason” (Arthur & Scalet, 2009, p. 56). Kant’s theory is based on reason only instead of any particularities of culture or personality. He states one must act not just in accordance with duty, one must act for duty’s sake. I am not a philosophical thinker and struggled significantly with Kant’s theory, it seems abstract

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