Social Structures And Social Functions Essay examples

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The 3 major sociology theories I will be talking about are functional theory, feminist theory, and critical theory. Functionalist theory says that a society is a system of interconnected parts that works together in harmony to maintain a state of balance and social equilibrium for the whole. Feminist theory is about gender inequality. Game theory is the interaction people have with one another. They are used in different ways in different parts of the world and can help people to understand things. They are used in groups, culture, society, religion, race, gender, groups, and families. In functionalist theory there are some important concepts. One of the important concepts are social structures and social functions. According to Kimberly Moffit who wrote an article on social structures and social functions. It says that our life is guided by social structures which are stable patterns of social behavior. It gives shapes to our lives. For example in families, communities, and religion people have certain ways that they would greet each other, like a handshake. Each social structures have social functions which are consequences of operation of the society as a whole. Education has several important functions in a society such as socialization, learning, and social placement. They both show why a person lives the way they do. There are ways that functional theory works in groups. It helps groups to think critically and to help groups from making faulty decision which then…

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