Social Technology And Its Effects On Social Capabilities Essay

1626 Words Aug 7th, 2014 7 Pages
The whole world ran all over dark streets, carrying pitchforks and torches, yelling and fainting in the middle of the night. What will happen if Facebook suddenly canceled? If all modes of electronic communication were to suddenly cease, the whole world would likely be thrown into a frantic. If humanity’s only means of connecting were to physically speak amongst each other, what would the outcomes of the scenario end up like? Will humanity even survive the first night? Consequently, Society’s connection has decline because the obsession with social technology deteriorates social capabilities.
Society’s connections are the ways people communicate amongst each other. Humans have utilized a notable part of their trait called communication by sharing knowledge and gaining information. Accordingly, fundamental skills like processing or trading information help determines human’s special ability to connect with each other. Moreover, Human beings communicate with each other because the trading process allows people to adapt and evolve as they continue to grow. Claudia Wallis states in her essay, The Multitasking Generation, “Thousands of years of evolution created human physical communication-facial expressions, body language” (180). Additionally, as humanity over the millenniums evolves, humans continue to utilize physical communication skills. As a result, society continues to prosper and most importantly connect amongst each other. Briefly, communication among humans have gone…

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