Social Work : A Social Worker Essay

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Social work is a profession which offers multiple opportunities for long term advances and strong growth potential. There are Many personal rewards I am looking for from being a social worker some of these being, having the power and resources to make a difference to and to support those in need. There are opportunities to work with people from different backgrounds and to promote the rights of powerless people, protect vulnerable people and disadvantaged people. Social work is an extremely rewarding yet challenging role. I am keen to learn and invest myself into this role.
As a social worker there may be things which I may find difficult. While studding Additional Support Needs there was a great focus of the protection of individuals, with experiences of speaking to adults who suffered from abuse as a child. Because of this, as a social worker, the things which I may see, situations I may see others in and particular types of people I will meet may be hard or difficult. It cannot be easy for a social worker to see, for instance, a child who has been severely abused however I feel the knowledge of protecting that child and giving them a happier and safer life would overpower this difficultly.
During my time at Irvine Royal Academy I struggled with my time management and prioritising tasks, since then I have been working to improve this by creating action plans and carefully prioritising work and using a time log. Keeping a diary has helped significantly and while at college…

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