Social Work And Social Welfare : Empowering People Essay

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Throughout this course I have learned a lot of interesting things about Social Work and everything that it entitles. The book that we have been reading throughout the semester, Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Empowering people, has taught me about the different aspects of social work. While reading the text there were five specific chapters that stood out to me amongst all of the chapters in the book. These five chapters I believe were the most important and the most interesting. The first chapter that I thought was quite interesting was chapter one titled, Social Welfare: Its Business, History, and Future. I thought that this chapter was most interesting because it really depicted the importance of a Social Worker. It gave the reader and myself a detailed explanation of the role of the Social Worker along with the history that follows their work. According to Zastrow (2010), “The goal of social welfare is to fulfill the social, financial, health, and recreational requirements of all individuals in a society” (p. 2). This is key information to anyone who is wondering what it is like to have a career that deals with Social Work and Social Welfare. Along with this, the chapter explained Social Welfares relationship to the other disciplines that are available. These academic disciplines include, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, political science, economics, and cultural anthropology. This is an important aspect of the chapter because it helps to…

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