Social Worker And Social Workers Essay

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Risks to social workers who try to change the system that employs them.
As social workers, we find out self being agents of change which often comes with challenge and resistance. Being on the front line Social workers are conscious of the fights to make change which sometime can and cannot be control. They find themselves at risk of harm’s way as a result to make a difference for the community. According to Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman “Social worker should act to expand choice and opportunity for vulnerable, disadvantaged, oppressed and exploited people and groups” (Zastrow and Krist-Ashman, 2013). Some possible risks to Juan’s and social worker for trying to make change to the system he employ is carry increased risk of angering the supervisor, getting bully buy staff and getting by the employer. As in The Willow River Developmental Disabilities Center, Dennis Eikenberry stated that “ The price to be paid by both clients and social worker could be anger, pressure, retribution, or personal attack (Eikenberry, 1996).The risk of social work profession is not physical but also it can destroy self esteem and cause to have fear of going to work. Social worker like Juan whom voice advocating for individual design service loses to the threat of his employer whom discount his opinion.
Social workers maintain their health and integrity
Once the investigations accomplished and concluded for a change. Social worker and all involved staff were to proceed with the evaluation of the…

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