Social Workers And Social Work Essay

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Social work is a profession that is set out to improve the well-being of society, whether it is direct or indirect. Direct social workers address societal issues within a micro perspective, for instance, one-on-one counselling. Indirect social workers improve the well-being of society through a macro perspective, for instance, government agencies aimed at forming and critiquing social programs or policies. A significant characteristic of a social worker is being critical or analytical with regards to any possible issues. Social work is a critical practice because it integrates critical thinking/reflection, critical consciousness and the analysis of oppression. These three factors share the idea of being critical and aware of different perspectives regardless of ones superiority over another. Critical thinking/reflection is based on the idea that as a social worker, one should be aware of the fact that they are not and will never be all knowing. Thus, it is essential to analyse everything, including the issues in which one is most certain of. For example, Amy Rossiter was a former service worker that encounters an individual with schizophrenia. She was certain the individual’s condition was as a result of familial issues, yet when she met the family, she was unable to discover any abnormalities (Chapman, 2014). As a result, Rossiter sent her client to another service worker that could determine what was causing their condition. After realizing the wrong in her actions, she…

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