Social Workers And Social Work Essay

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Social workers are professionals that can help people resolve difficult issues, and improve their well-being and their quality of life. These professionals typically work with individuals and groups of individuals that are experiencing crises in their lives.”() Social workers are dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients by interviewing them and laying a strategizing a plan of goals for them to accomplish. They help them attain these goal by using programs and services that a regular person would never have heard of or known they had access to. Society as a whole is profoundly influenced by the work that social works do with individuals, groups, and communities. Social workers have a variety of job opportunities and employment options and many people do not realize all he places they can work. They are often times only recognized or portrayed as the persons who sweep in and take children away from their parents. A few places social workers can be employed at are hospitals, schools, substance abuse facilities, and jails. Social work with people who in situations like mental health, disabilities, substance abuse, hospice care, and child welfare.(Kirst-Ashman, 2013).
Social Work at base can be seen as a profession which strives to advance the causes of the vulnerable and marginalized with the aim of promoting social justice, equality and human rights.” (Palattiyil, Sidhva, and Chakrabarti, 2015 p. 1) To Achieve this the National Association of Socials Workers has…

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