Society Of The 1920s Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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Those that understood how horrifying this situation was, such as the black community, bonded together and created connections to help support those in need. This lesson is related to the differences in society of the 1920s women’s rights movement and the civil rights movement for African Americans. Using the New Historical lens, one could relate the novel to connect past works of art during the time to the abolitionist fight and the civil war. Other works of fiction that were written for civil rights include The Narrative of Frederick Douglass , and Uncle Tom 's Cabin, both written in the 1800s. Frederick Douglass, a slave and author of his narrative, stood against unfair treatment of black people while the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin brought tears to the eyes of white people because of her emotional appeal that slaves were people too. The most important way literature can represent history is how the author views the world around them, and that is an individual and emotional connection. The strongest novels and plays have a distinctive voice and consciousness only the author can display. The New Historical lens is only one in a dozen of powerful observation tools.
The Feminist lens defines the roles, rights, and opportunities of women in society (“Feminist Criticism” 110). The feminist movement has affected many fields for the past four decades (“Feminist Criticism” 110). Not only a theoretical pursuit, Feminism is also a high profile public practice in our society…

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