Socioeconomic Status Of Middle Class Families Essay

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Families can vary greatly in regards to socioeconomic status. For example, a family can be considered part of the upper class. Upper class families covers only 3 percent of the four class model. Families in this class have prestige and are generally known as the elite in their communities. They own elaborate cars and houses and are capable of buying anything expensive. They also have generational wealth, meaning they can pass their money for generations to come. Needless to say, money is not an option to families in this social class (Cherlin, 2013). Middle class families generally have a higher level of education. Their occupations consists of doctors, lawyers, and other high paying occupations and they make up 43 percent of the four class model. Families in this class are capable of surviving comfortably and can afford nice things as well. They have less prestige than the upper class, yet they have many benefits such as health insurance. They may not can afford a big mansion and expensive cars like the upper class can, but they can still afford a new car and a nice sized house. For the most part, a family in this class generally do not have financial issues and can pretty much afford almost anything they desire (Cherlin,2013). Working class families are not as financially comfortable as the families in the other two classes. They mainly have enough income to support themselves and make a decent living. These families make up 47 percent of the four class model. They live…

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