Somatic Psychology From A Structural Level Essays

1000 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Looking at somatic psychology from a structural level, somatic psychology is uniquely positioned to offer an understanding of the way in which an individual adjusts as a ‘normal citizen’ and how this contributes to the reproduction of the cultural and socioeconomic system within which he or she becomes adjusted (Johnson, 2009). When we conform to prohibitions and inhibitions dictated by our culture, this requires a loss of attention to the voice of our embodied experience. This is where somatic psychology, through the practice of becoming aware of our embodied experience, may have revolutionary potential. The way in which these prohibitions and inhibitions show up throughout our embodiment appear as blockages to the free-flow of energy (Johnson, 2009). The potential for our awareness of embodied experience is conditioned and constrained. Our ability to imagine and create our circumstances differently becomes limited.
Systems of social, cultural, political or economic oppression are traumatizing for every individual within them (Burstow, 2003). Trauma needs to be defined as any event or persisting circumstance that overwhelms the individual’s capacity to process an experience cognitively, emotionally and somatically. Extending this definition further, trauma would be an experience that threatens our entire bodymind’s organization by blocking its capacity to adapt and adjust to the embodied experience (Levine, 2010). In other words, trauma freezes our psychic energy.…

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