Spartan Wom The Athenian Woman Essay

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The scene takes place in ancient Greece on a traveler’s road. This road is a main road to travel between Athens and Sparta and on this road two woman run into each other. They start to talk to each other and ask how each other cities and lives are. After a few seconds they start to argue about which one is better and who as the best lives.
Athens woman: “Hello there, are you traveling from Sparta?”
Spartan woman: “Why yes I am, what parts of Greece are you traveling from?”
Athens woman: The Athenian women shouted with confidence, “Only the greatest city in the world of course, Athens!”
Spartan woman: “ugh, of course you’re an Athenian woman. I’m surprised you’re even out of your house.”
Athens woman: “what is that suppose to mean?” The Athenian woman spoke in disgust saying, “You Spartan woman think you are so strong and powerful!”
Spartan woman: “It means you are arrogant, thinking that you live in the greatest city in the world”
Athens woman: “Well I do live in the greatest city in the world.”
Spartan woman: Screaming on the top of her lungs, “NO YOU DON’T. Sparta can crush and burn Athens in one day.”
Athens woman: “HAHAHA you Spartans are so prideful over power.”
Spartan woman: Yelling in the Athenians face saying, ”Because we ARE THE BEST!!”
Athens woman: “Explain to me how your city over powers mine.”
Spartan woman: “You don’t want to go down this road,” saying sarcastically, “But ok we have two fierce brave kings that control our army’s. With the two kings there…

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