Spirituality During The Field Of Psychology Essays

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Spirituality in Counseling
Matthew Van
Roosevelt University
Psychology 605

Spirituality in Counseling
Spirituality in counseling has been the source of much controversy and uneasiness over the past century. This topic has seen drastic shifts in how it is perceived and treated in the field of psychology. From being shunned and treated as mentally unstable to being accepted as whole, people that find spirituality important have experienced a range of responses. Why have we seen a shift in the views on the integration of spirituality in counseling? Why was spirituality ever viewed as a negative reflection on a person? Why is spirituality now so vital? This article will examine these questions as well as explore important aspects of spirituality in counseling in today’s counseling settings.
While there seems to be no consensus on the definition of spirituality, one definition encompasses a collective of experiences and perspectives. “Spirituality is the drawing out and infusion of spirit in one 's life. It is experienced as an active and passive process. Spirituality is also defined as a capacity and tendency that is innate and unique to all persons. This spiritual tendency moves the individual toward knowledge, love, meaning, peace, hope, transcendence, connectedness, compassion, wellness, and wholeness” (Steen, Engels, & Thweatt III, 2006). As we can see in this vivid definition, spirituality is a dynamic process that is integral to achieving a sense of…

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