Staycation vs. Vacation Essay

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Tired of the everyday hustle and bustle of the day? Are you in need of a break from it all? Do you have the financial means to take a trip or vacation? Or is your financial status in limbo? A lot times the choice is based on a person financial status, It really just depends on if financially you can afford to leave or stay. In today’s society we tend to feel that money is the key to happiness. Really we are the successor of our own happiness and money do not have to play a part in rather we go or stay, but it does to a certain extent. A Staycation vs. A Vacation. The similarities between the two are very important in considering the financial category in which you fall under.
When considering what best fits your lifestyle and financial
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But when we it comes to a staycation none of these plans apply and it also saves you a lot money to pay your bills with when it all said and done. Don’t get me wrong everyone likes to go away and relax away from home and enjoy some site seeing or either lay out on the beach or just enjoy our family that we do not get see often, But at the end of the day we have to use wisdom with making decision of what fits our budget at any given time. Someone gave me a piece of advise a long time ago they told me that there is a time and season for all things and some time we have to do what we can and not what we want. Even though a lot of times a lot of us when like to do what we cannot and think about the consequences later which is not a smart move for any family especially when your living on a budget. This is how a lot of people get in debt by not planning smart. Some people save so that they can have a successful vacation.
Inconclusion I am quite sure everyone love to have a vacation at some time another in their life . Then you have those who prefer the safe way and have their own family gatherings closer to home. It’s less money and more personal. Everyone is not fortunate enough to take trips. So with this being said we make plans for a staycation and there is so much we can plan to do at home or either nearby home. To name a few we can camp out, have a cook out, rent some of the newest movies or just turn off our

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