Stop The Cruelty And Save Those Who Can Not Save Themselves !

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Stop the Cruelty and Save those Who Cannot Save Themselves! Here’s a chimpanzee, we see little chimps like him on television all the time, now let’s call this chimp George, after curious George from the cartoon; whom I hope most of us have seen. George is placed by force into a tube head first and then George is closed in air tight, basically suffocating as these researchers watch him as he struggles for his last breathe, as he is fighting to get out, hitting the sides of the glass in panic grasping for air until he doesn’t move anymore. Do you think its okay to cause this suffering to poor George for your own benefit? What about Thumper the bunny who is bleeding from his eyes because of the hairspray that these researches tested on him today; Thumper probably will never see again. I guess it doesn’t matter if he does anyway because Thumper and George will mostly die in the cage, in the medical lab, if not from the cruelty of the testing their exposed to everyday. To some people this may just be another animal, but it’s not about it being another animal, it’s about the underlying cruelty people are willing to inflict on other living things for the advancement of themselves. I know there are illnesses out there and just like everyone else I want those illnesses to find a cure, so everyone can live happy healthy lives, but I do not feel like anyone should be harmed because I am suffering. It’s not fair. Research; is that what we’re calling it these days? Torture that’s what…

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