Strategic Planning Exercise : Group Option Essay

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Strategic Planning Exercise
Group Option – Jake Johnson & Robin Netherton

A. Goal Identification and Definition
The strategic goal of the principal of ABC Middle School will increase the degree of program alignment within the math curriculum over the next three years so that: 1) there is clear articulation and sequencing of content within and across grade levels, 2) this content is anchored in state core standards; and 3) the evaluation measures used to assess this alignment are valid to this alignment. ABC Middle School’s primary objective is to provide an exceptional education for its entire sixth thru eight-grade population. This includes preparing the students with 21st century math skills. This will include controversial programs and policies. These skills use math not only in the traditional classroom but also in the Science, Technology, and Engineering programs. The method for assessment of students will change from the generally excepted 100 point grading scale to the less accepted standards based grading method.
Proper program alignment ensures that students will progress through math standards that start with where they left of in elementary school and end with where they need to be for ninth grade. A three-year time period has been chosen to allow for the implementation of the current sixth graders. This will ensure continuity and that current seventh and eighth graders do not omit vital standards. The standards covered between sixth and eight grades…

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