Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Undergraduate Psychology Program

1025 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
Throughout our first quarter at Midwestern University we wrote multiple papers, all of which were required to adhere to proper APA style. APA encompasses a very precise writing technique that includes strict rules for grammar, formatting, and style. Having come into this program straight from an undergraduate psychology program, I felt comfortable writing in APA style. That being said, I quickly found out I had plenty of room for improvement. This essay will describe several strengths, as well as several weaknesses I discovered about my APA writing skills. In addition, it will outline several behavioral strategies to improve those shortcomings in the future.
One strength in my writing are the introductions and conclusions. I believe both sections are equally important for one to create a well-written paper. The introduction is the first section, therefore it has the task of obtaining and maintaining the reader’s attention and giving a concrete description of what the paper will include. Conclusions are responsible for reviewing the main idea and summarizing the material presented within the paper. I always allocate a significant amount of time in order to make sure each of these sections are well represented in my papers, and have received positive feedback from TA’s and professors throughout the quarter.
I another strength in my writing is my choice of titles. According to the APA manual, a title should summarize the paper’s main idea with clarity and…

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