Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Psychology Field Essay

1145 Words May 5th, 2016 5 Pages
This essay will be investigating and analysing three research methods, reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of each in addition to their usefulness within the psychology field. Like any other science, psychology is concerned with theories and data. Psychologists use a wide range of research methods and techniques that allow them to gather and make sense of the data they produce. The methods that psychologists use to research and analyse the experience and behaviours of individuals or groups are called psychological research methods. The three main methods are experimental, observational and surveys which will be touched upon within this essay.

There are various experimental methods including; laboratory, field and natural experiments. These methods are the most scientific method due to them being highly objective and systematic. When carrying out an experiment a resarcher intervenes directly in the situation being investigated. The experimental method is regarded as being the most powerful research method used by psychologistsbecause of its potential to investigate the causes of events and then identiyfying the cause and effect relationships. In a true experiment the researcher manipulates an independent variable in order to investigate whether there is a change in a second variable, known as the dependent variable. Any other variables that may influence the results, are either eliminated or held constant. In addition, participants are randomly allocated to the…

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