Students With Mental Health And Behavioral Problems Essay

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Most Difficult Students to Assess
Wendy described the students who are the most difficult to assess. She described them as the students who do not talk and advised that in order to get these students to talk you need to make a connection. Making connections with clients is something that is important within the counseling field. Wendy stated that they will not engage or connect unless they can feel that sense of trust and that, “Sometimes you are unable to get these students to talk and you feel like you failed” (personal communication, July 7, 2015). Wendy talked about how important it is to have support systems within the school and home to help cope with those feelings of failure. Next, Wendy talked about the students with serious mental health issues or behavioral problems as a difficult population to work with. Depending on their behaviors she has felt violated in the past and states that, “it is hard to not feel this way” (personal communication, July 7, 2015). The students with mental health or behavioral problems are a hard population to make a connection with.
Difficult Case
Wendy was asked to provide an example of a particularly difficult case and the steps and interventions she utilized with the student. Wendy described this story of a first grade student she met with on her second day of being a school counselor. She was told by supervisors that this student should never be allowed to use public bathrooms without supervision due to sexually assaulting…

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