Study Of English For Academic Purposes Essay

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Researchers in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) have conducted numerous studies of written and spoken genres, such as the research article (Swales, 1990), grant proposal (Connor & Mauranen, 1999) and sales promotion letter (Bhatia, 1993). Most of these studies have delineated the macro-organization of these genres in terms of their constituent moves, and described the lexico-grammatical features that characterize these moves. Some researchers in English for Specific Purposes have explored how genres vary across linguistic and cultural communities (e.g., Ahmad, 1997; Connor, 1996) while some others have focused on genre variation across disciplinary lines, associating particular discursive features with disciplinary communities (e.g. Melander, Swales, & Fredrickson, 1997; Samraj, 2002b; Swales & Najjar, 1987).
For the most part, the focus has been on a single genre. Very little research has compared the structure of related genres, especially those produced in academic communities. Within professional communication, Devitt (1991, p. 340) has inves- tigated ‘‘the accountantÕs genre system, a set of genres interacting to accomplish the work of the tax department’’ and shown that ‘‘any text is best understood within the context of other texts’’ (1991, p. 336). The focus in DevittÕs study, however, is on the role and interaction of texts and not on the structure of the various genres per se. Another study on generic interrelations, by Fredrickson (1995), compares the formal…

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