Studying English As A Writer And A Reader Essay

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Studying English has not only taught me about humanity, but it has also shaped me as a person. From elementary school until now, the subject has always been interesting to me, and I have discovered that studying it in depth throughout college has deepened both my knowledge and appreciation of the field. Not only have I been given the resources to learn English, I have also been provided with the tools to continue the process of sharpening my reading and writing skills for when my college education is completed. There are countless types of writing as well and ways in which my writing skills can be improved upon, and my goal is to continue my growth as a writer and a reader in the future. At a first glance, it might seem as though being an English major involves reading and writing only, except those aspects only represent a small fraction of the work that studying English entails. By reading a variety of works spanning different time periods, I have been able to gain insight into what authors decide to write on, which reflects the types of thinking within those specific points in time. After reading literature including a wide array of characters from different time periods, settings, and backgrounds, I have become more accepting and understanding of other people. Learning about humanity through literature has been a highly valuable aspect of my education that I will be able to apply to any career, and especially careers that involve dealing with people.
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