Essay about Suggestions For Future Teacher :

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Suggestions for future teacher:

Supports are necessary for future teachers because it will give the teacher an understanding of

the child and it will explain what the child needs. I believe that it is important to arrange the room to

meet the needs of the because children can move from one center to the next. One activity to the next,

then the teacher can be free to work with the other students in the classroom. This will help with

children that have behavior problems. Therefore, teachers need to set up their classroom in such a way

that it communicates to students what is expected of them.

A positive behavior plan for Timothy would be a sticker chart if he gets ten stickers for the

week for doing his work then he can go in the treasure box and get a reward. A buddy system will help

timothy because he can be pared with someone in the room that has appropriate social skills and this

can give Timothy the confidence to play with other students. I would suggest that the future teacher use positive reinforcement. New behaviors require immediate and continuous reinforcement to be learned and maintained. For example, to reinforce a child who is cleaning up the block area, which to him appears to have about a million blocks spread all over the floor, ask the child to put five blocks on the shelf, and then praise her. Don 't wait until the entire job is completed. Instructional supports to support Timothy in the future are; Provide instruments, such as picture…

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