Summary Of ' Night ' By Eliezer Wiesel Essay

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The memoir ‘Night’ is written and narrated by Eliezer Wiesel-Holocaust survivor. Author Wiesel provides readers with a jolting and revolting account of his experiences from the year 1941 through 1944, the unfortunate times of the Holocaust. Wiesel gives a vivid depiction of himself and others, before, during, and after the holocaust. Throughout the book, Night, author Wiesel, and other characters, struggle with the theme of identity. This paper will discuss the theme of identity featured in the memoir ‘Night’.
The memoir’s beginning is told from the perspective of a young innocent praying Elie bound to God by unconditional love. The young Elie perceives God as a perfect, kind and loving omnipotent being. Because of his youth and inexperience with life situations, he believes all things and everyone is kind and loving like the God he worships. Unfortunately, the brutal experiences of the Holocaust shake his faith in God and mankind. In the end, Elie has evolved and realizes that he too has a dark side.
The book opens in the year of 1941, before Wiesel has experienced the darkness of the Holocaust. The author begins his story identifying as a young, brilliant and innocent boy. Wiesel affirms, “I was almost thirteen and deeply observant” (Wiesel, 2006, p. 3). Author Elie continues to describe with great detail, his deep devotion to God. I believe the author is implying that he was a good person because he worshipped God, even despite his father’s objections. According to…

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