Essay on Summary Of ' The ' I 'm Alright '

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Lexi shivered in pleasure. His touch was like nothing she had ever felt before. Electricity seemed to fly from his fingertips and onto her skin, making its way through her layers until it eventually pierced her very soul. She never wanted him to remove his hand. She bit her lip and shivered as his words. I won’t let anything happen to you. Lexi couldn’t shake the feeling that this man was the leopard from earlier, but how could that be? It was impossible. She really was going insane. But he had the same exact eyes as the leopard. What were the odds of such a coincidence? Lexi suddenly realized she was staring at him like an idiot. With the realization, she finally got her head to move and her mouth to work. “Y… yeah… I’m alright. Thank you.” She nodded at him as she looked into those amazing green eyes. While she had been a ball of nerves but five minutes ago Lexi could now feel herself getting calmer the more she stared into those mesmerizing eyes. Logan smiled at her, getting up while offering a hand to her. Hesitantly, Lexi grabbed it and allowed him to hoist her up. He did so effortlessly. He was strong. Lexi could feel the strength in his grip. It was strong yet gentle and Lexi couldn’t help but wonder what type of lover he was. Ugh! Now is not the time to be thinking about sex. He is just some stranger! Lexi and Logan stood together a moment. Lexi noticed that he towers well above her. She had always been on the short side, standing at…

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